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Naive Minimalist

"Hello! Look at my face” (Hola, mira mi cara) is one of Tocinor's most common phrases in the public media.It's also one of his few interpretations of his art. But there is no denying that when we are confronted with Tocinor's works, everything is self-evident — just look at our faces, no need for words, what you see and feel is the answer.
This self-taught Spanish artist, formerly known as David Sanchez Martin, is active as Tocinor in the field of artistic creation. His artistic universe grows out of a series of irregular combinations of shapes, all of which are squeezed to the point of flattening the moment they enter it.
The shapes take on bright colors as the spatial cues are discarded. Repeated, distorted, juxtaposed and stacked, they are put together into comical images. Some are still vaguely archetypal, some are the product of random arrangement, while others are transformed into sculptures that wander between real-life scenarios, muddling the boundaries between flatness and three-dimensionality.
Tocinor brings together visual impressions from multiple perspectives on the same plane, and consciously or unconsciously gives elements an intuitive emotional expression. They seem to be interspersed with cubist phantoms, but also release a strong sense of joke, leaping around in this simple and pure two-dimensional space, blurring worries and anxieties.
The pointlessness of these works is also what makes their meaning more inclusive. Viewers can look at Tocinor's works from any angle, generating their own associations with them. Naturally, there is no single answer, but the smile will always flow from the canvas to everyone's cheeks. Perhaps Tocinor is revealing to us the track of joy in the code of light-hearted images: we don't have to be in a hurry to define what we see, we just need to trust our intuition. Let us follow these free shapes to feel the joyful signals sent by colors — happiness is simple. Art can be very light-hearted, too.

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