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Ironic surrealism

Jaime Sancorlo (Madrid, 1980) was very young when he was already copying characters from films, comics and cartoons. In fact, at school he spent his classes drawing. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with an Erasmus scholarship, it was in mid-2018, after attending a painting workshop given by Alejandro Carpintero, that he fell in love again with the practice of oil painting.
Since then, and thanks in large part to Alejandro’s techniques, use of colour and way of understanding painting, Jaime Sancorlo has not ceased in his efforts to develop his own artistic practice.
For him, Art could be any human creation capable of moving him and emanating what he considers to be beauty.
As for the message (or messages) he would like to convey with his work, he considers that each work can be interpreted in a different way. He likes to leave the viewer free to find their own. In his War Affairs series, which he is currently working on, he proposes the absurdity of war as an underlying idea.
Meticulous in his style, the technique with which this artist from Madrid feels most comfortable is definitely oil painting. He likes it for its long drying time, for its versatility, for its ability to melt or make sharp edges and for being able to support heavy materials without altering its volume or colour once dry.
Soon he would love to experiment with airbrushing and spray painting.

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