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Naïf Neo Pop

Debbie Reda was born in Buenos Aires in 1976.
Studied fashion design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) from 1993 to 1997. She has worked in the fashion production industry for 15 years. She holds a degree in Marketing Technology from the University of Palermo (UP) and graduated from ESEADE in 2017 with a degree in Curating and Cultural Management. She studied illustration and painting with famous Argentine artists. She is also a professional classical ballet dancer and is currently expanding her exploration of movement through contemporary training and performance.
“Time and movement are two elements that are important for me to develop in the concept of my work. Every pose is altered through cycles and repetitions. It gives my work a certain weight over time. This unity sex, it is formed in the lines through the multiplicity and the cumulative articulation of the accumulation, so that it can interpret the gesture of this movement. It is like a game between precision and chaos, which comes from the body's Ups and downs and repetitive movements."
"Redefining me as a dancer takes the core of my painting in a performative way. In other words, lines or marks can be interpreted as translation of movement, concentration of energy on support, speed and response to movement control.
Like dance, the result presented can be understood as a choreography, a combination of timing, accents and subtleties. Reflective exercises in repetitive manipulations, tensions, orientations, and pressures and postures of various intensities.
With an idea of ​​nostalgic and mechanical structure, I adopted the forms of dots, crosses, ovals, circles and squares as primitive elements, which have important shapes to mark the beginning, origin, place of belonging, nest and present.
Thus, during this formal experimentation, random assemblages emerge, forming a compositional composition of works as diverse as paintings, drawings, fabrics, collages, installations, objects, videos and performances. "

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