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Magic Surrealism

Cecilia Pérez Martin, explores classicism and contemporaneity from the depth, the irony, metalanguage and ambiguity. She finds the beauty of the sublime, the Aristotelian catharsis of art, by showing us naive figures in complex scenes or tragic scenes. It reminds us that there is no joy without nostalgia or beauty without tragedy.
The perfect mastery of the pictorial technique makes us feel certain that we are facing a great painter, but instead of painting “serious” salon paintings, she decides to paint the Blythe Dolls knowing that those inanimate beings as protagonists of iconic scenes, great and fictitious, therefore, make her proposal exceptional and contemporary.
Pérez Martin manages to make us look again at the forgotten classic art, from that naive and captivating irreverence, putting the painting back in the contemporary realm.
Just me…
Someone once told me … «why don’t you paint something of yours» … Nothing else mine! … Whether I represent classical artwork or not, my works are no doubts ,deeply related to both my feelings and my history. Nothing else own and sincere.
The representations of classical art, not only have to do with my love for the technique of Great Masters and what they had transmitted. I have a hard time becoming attached to fleeting art, I love to imagine all those moments that the artist dedicated to his work and what he felt. What else valuable!
May be it also has to do with my late dedication to art. Eventhough my love for Art was clear to me since I was a child, I started on this path when I grew up, having abandoned my advanced law studies… However.whenever it meant to be,you end up being what you really are,developing your whole essence
What is more, in this new search, in this learning and marveling at this new knowledge, I… thought that as well as discovering, I could share and rediscover that wonderful classical Art, asleep, covered by contemporary Art and waiting to come to light in all its splendor. And that became my passion.
I strongly believe that the classic and the modern can subsist at the same time as being able to achieve a good mixture.Whether representing a classic and modernizing it with a new optic or making creations where techniques are as important as emotions…
In any case, each of my works of Art will respond to my story, my path, my beliefs, and my feelings … What is more, they will always be honest and pure. They will always be mine…

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