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Unconscious Surrealism

Born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Between pencils and Legos, it was clear to him that creativity was as necessary for him as breathing.
Adolescent, surrounded by vinyl records and guitars, he began studying graphic design and after receiving his degree in 1996, he experienced his first steps in advertising agencies in his city, until founding his own visual communication studio.
In 2003, in search of new challenges, he traveled to Spain where he has lived ever since, enjoying the professional path as a freelancer.
Although art has always been one of his great loves since he was a child, here he had the opportunity to focus more on artistic works such as illustration, doing work for both the international publishing area and the textile field, creating prints for various Spanish brands. Despite having flirted with digital art since the 90's, it was not until 2010 that he decided to develop as an artist using pop surrealism as a language and doing his work 100% with a computer, until 2017 that he opened up to the wonderful experience of painting. in a traditional way, using mostly oil on wood, exhibiting in various galleries and art festivals nationally and internationally.
In 2018 he took his first steps in customizing Art Toys, making unique pieces and later the limited edition of a sculpture toy together with PEI, which led him to create his first sculptures in epoxy putty in 2019 and 2020. Pieces that have been exhibited internationally, as well as others belonging to private collections.
Artist Statement
Through the light play of light and shadow, focus and backlight, in an almost theatrical staging, the whole of my work sinks its roots in a surreal, dreamlike, symbolic language that it launches without filters and without reason, or reason, the images that I rescue from the recesses of the unconscious.Figures that are both tender and disturbing, sometimes devoid of surroundings and represented in their own existence, rich in nuances and details. Innocent appearance that in a long look reveals to us that child, often wounded, who inhabits us all. This immediate recognition provokes an interpretation that oscillates between creative sweetness and harmful power in a duality present in nature itself, as beautiful as it is destructive.The aesthetic truth of my visual metaphors starts from an intimate truth, always attracted by the emotional world, by my curiosity and restlessness towards the personal universe that nests within us and that acts as a trigger for the work, as a spring, at the same time , of a cathartic process of its own internal transmutation.
Self-taught, I do not limit my creation to one technique or another. The itinerary of my production is, to a certain extent, atypical and inverse. I go from a 100% digital work, in original work and in limited editions, and taken to a physical format in giclée on cotton paper, to my current experimentation with traditional techniques, mainly in oils on wood, which allow me to continue working in layers, the same as with digital techniques, in order to maintain a similar atmosphere in all the works.

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