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Caelis Galeria 恪理艺术欣然宣布与西班牙传统画廊Mayoral达成合作。其代理艺术家August Vilella 奥古斯•威利亚的全新作品将亮相2022年香港巴塞尔艺博会。Mayoral 画廊将首次在 2022 年香港巴塞尔艺术展上展出价值 100 万美元的 Joan Miró 杰作,以及西班牙年轻艺术家 August Vilella 的两件作品。这是 Mayoral、August Vilella 和 Caelis Galeria 之间一系列商定合作中的第一个。这也是Mayoral画廊展出的第一位在世的超现实主义艺术家作品,值得期待。

Caelis Galeria is delighted to announce a partnership with the traditional Spanish gallery Mayoral. New works by his representative artist August Vilella will be unveiled at Art Basel Hong Kong in 2022. Mayoral Gallery will debut a $1 million Joan Miró masterpiece at Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, along with two works by young Spanish artist August Vilella. This is the first in a series of agreed collaborations between Mayoral, August Vilella and Caelis Galeria. This is also the first living Surrealist artist's work exhibited at Mayoral Gallery, and it is worth looking forward to.

Selected Works
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