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May 16-July 15, 2023


斯尼库斯以个人艺术视角和标志性的艺术手法,重现自己眼中的球鞋世界。在有限的画布中,艺术家运用鲜艳的颜色和交织的线条,他肆意地展现着那些有意识或者无意识的思维,在画面主体上进行延展表达,为每个球鞋打造了不同的生活场景。正如你所见,斯尼库斯所刻画的世界没有常规的模式,通常带有充满幻想的意味,冲击着我们的视觉,就正如1982年Air Force 1横空出世,让所有人感到无比惊讶。斯尼库斯亦希望通过自己的作品向大众传递一种独特的视角看待球鞋。 在斯尼库斯的超想球鞋世界中,你亦可以观察到一种深刻的意义模式,符号的应用、多重视角的叙事手法和隐晦的故事线。近距离欣赏时,你会发现在鲜艳的颜色碰撞下隐藏着一个个动态的故事,仿佛你也可以随着艺术家的线条移动。他的画作中也同时呈现着丰富的情感,运动时激情澎拜、漫步时的悠闲平和、胜利时的喜悦激扬,相信来到现场的你亦能体悟到。


The latest solo exhibition will present nine of Sniqus‘latest artworks. For this time, the exhibition focuses on sneakers, which benefit from his early career as an athlete. The artist hopes to use surrealistic techniques to visualize the expression, to pay tribute to the spirit of striving upward and insisting on self in the spirit of sports. In creating the series, the artist consciously made an artistic interpretation of the iconic sneaker style and tried to present an individual sneaker story through each painting. Let's enter "Sneakers by Sniqus" world together.
Sniqus recreated his vision of the sneaker world with his own personal artistic perspective and iconic artistic techniques. In the limited canvas, the artist uses bright colors and interlaced lines. He shows those conscious or unconscious thinking and extends the expression on the main body of the picture freely in the canvas, which creates a different life scene for each sneakers. As you may see, there is no conventional pattern in Sniqus’ artworld. You may sense full of fantasy with visual impact, just as everyone was surprised when Air Force 1 born in 1982. You could also observe deep patterns of meanings, including symbols usage, multiple perspectives, participatory narrative techniques and obscure story lines in the exhibition of “Sneakers by Sniqus”. When you look at the artwork closely, you may see a dynamic story hidden beneath the collision of bright colors, as if you could follow the artist's lines. His paintings also contain rich emotions, such as passionate worship in sports, leisurely peace in walking, and exhilaration in victory. We believe that you could feel all of these feeling when you are in Caelis Galeria. 

In addition, Sniqus's latest Snuqis series serves as a reminder of the implicit clues in the exhibition, forming a wall of portraits arranged in the shape of a heart. With "returning to innocence" as the predominant emotional tone, the artist attempts to empty his mind of adult experiences and follow intuitive guidance, creating a whimsical, adorable, and gentle world of creatures. When one stands before this image, crafted as a tribute to their son, it is easy to be captivated by its dreamy expression, evoking nostalgic and heartwarming moments from childhood, akin to fleeting but cherished memories of honey. When Snuqis arrives in the city of sneakers, they will continue to conjure up metaphors of the heart and reality in a rhythmic labyrinth of curves and circles, supporting the viewer to achieve an intimate projection of personal experiences and states of mind within the combination of molecules and atoms, popular symbolic elements, and hidden street backgrounds.

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