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@Gonhdo's solo exhibition “The Arrival” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
With the concise and clean lines and the strong rhythm, the artist @Gonhdo has precise control disposing the space in the artwork and collected life scenes from the past, the present and the future. Abstracted painting element and inspiration by his tantalizing glimpses into life, his artwork express the happiness and positive feeling beyond the life itself.
@Gonhdo's own artistic style was strongly influenced by his learning experiences. While studying in New York, @Gonhdo was influenced by Street Pop Art represented by Keith Haring and Neo-Plasticism represented by Mondrian. While studying in Mexico, he got inspiration from the large frescoes painted by Diego Rivera and developed a unique personal style. Artist @Gonhdo takes full advantage of his understanding of color and architecture, as well as his high sensitivity to life, to build a brand-new visual system. @Gonhdo have converted the fragments from reality into simple symbol in his artwork through the combination of various colors and lines, to express the artist colorful inner world and the feeling of pleasure out of canvas.
This brand-new solo exhibition is about artist true pleasure. @Gonhdo has present different themes such as the gourmet, parties, and architecture. And he has created new artwork “Shanghai Subway” especially for this exhibition. Using the landmark of Shanghai and recognizable Chinese elements, this painting brings viewers into the modern life that artist created, and you may feel the magic feel behind the canvas.

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