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Niall Campbel's solo exhibition “Symbiosis” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
Niall appropriates the language of street art or graffiti which makes his process often improvisational and high-energy. Nevertheless, his brushwork is highly restrained; he has the ability to control the technique of spray painting and large strokes of acrylic graffiti, as well as the relationship between bright colors.
The language of street art or graffiti is characteristically made up of clear symbols and written words that are meant to represent or tell a message to all viewers. Thus, Niall’s works are, first of all, direct, such as the drawing of a huge arm with a short word on the canvas representing “the strong arm of the law”, which is also the title of the work; more than that, Niall also involves some elements of little “evils”, such as the weak arm in proportion to the large one, to challenge the set view expressed by the work’s title.
In this brand-new solo exhibition, the artist wants to explore the “Symbiosis” between two creatures, is there any patterns that could be tracked and how symbiosis system survives in this changing world. The artist gives the exhibition a meditative atmosphere by using dedetailed description and almost abstract indirect elements. Niall builds his own art world on canvas and hopes to inspire viewers to think with him.

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