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We are honored to present a special exhibition featuring the series of works by Xavi Carbonell. Once again, Xavi invites us to enter his vibrant and captivating paintings, immersing ourselves in his colorful and fantastical world. Through his creations driven by pure emotion, he entices us to participate, becoming an integral part of his artistic essence and forming our own narratives. Join us in the dream-making journey! Xavi Carbonell's works are like small dreams...

Understanding painting as a space for reflection and experimentation has always been a key aspect of Xavi Carbonell's professional career. From his first exhibition in the mid-90s to his final works in New York, the artist managed to establish his own visual language—a complex process with transparent resolution, equipped with a unique vocabulary aimed at purifying images. His primary influences derive not only from techniques of abstract expressionist artists like Basquiat, Cy Twombly, and Saura but also from the graffiti sketched by children. In his works, his interest in children's art is evident not only from a formal perspective, where image elements are outlined with strokes that seem to emerge from a child's hand but also in the choice of themes. Through his art, he invites us into his specific universe, one where unconsciously we strive to create a universe of our own. In this exhibition, we will present Carbonell's paintings of different sizes and periods, allowing you to feel up close the artist's fervent creative passion and the evolutionary changes in his artistic expression as the years unfold. As emotions evolve from purely emotional abstraction to specific elements of outlined imagery, all become part of his fairy-tale world. The layers of color planes, the juxtaposition of symbolic elements and colors, depict an infinite and unique artistic universe belonging solely to Xavi.

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