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Esther Ziher's solo exhibition, "ODE TO JOY," is currently on display at the Caelis Galeria in Shanghai.

In her debut showcase as an emerging Dutch artist in China, Ziher aims to convey a vibrant palette of joy. The animals in her paintings celebrate the beauty of life, with elements such as flowers, heart shapes, and droplet cakes adorning the canvases. Embracing oneself with warmth, happiness, life, sunshine, and positive energy, the artist believes that these are essential for our mental well-being during these tumultuous times.

In this exhibition, Esther pays homage to the elegance of Giorgio Morandi and Monet, employing a unique approach. She utilizes acrylics, ink, ink spray, and charcoal on the canvas. For her, the joy of painting lies not only in the outcome but also in the process—a continual exploration and the pleasant surprises of not knowing the final result. It represents an artistic freedom of letting go and unleashing oneself.

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