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Debbie Reda's solo exhibition “Jurassic Friends” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
As a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist, Debbie has a degree in Curatorship and Cultural Management, and she studied illustration and took several master classes with well-known artists. Her iconic Little Monsters series works are extended from abstract expressions to delicate displays of emotions and situations in life with various elements. You can see the artist's new interpretation of pop art in her works.
Worth mentioning is that Debbie has created some works that she calls "multiple", for the first time in this solo exhibition in China. Behind each large work is the essence of the artist's creation which has spent over one month, and She will only paint 5 of this kind per year. The little monsters with different personalities are gathered into a scene, and different emotions are expressed through the expressions and details. In the works with emotion and color tension, the viewer's imagination will jump out of reality and follow the story of the picture into a different world.
In this new solo exhibition, the artist depicted life in the Jurassic era, which brings us back to the first encounter between the little monsters and the dinosaurs, and allows us to feel the pure happiness in the simple time. In the creative process, Debbie uses childhood memories as conceptual parameters, and tries to explore the origin of life through the reconstruction of memories and identities. The artist has turned her childhood memories into symbolic elements in her paintings, and you could feel her perfectly control of the emotional expression in details.

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