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Cesc Abad's solo exhibition “ Eden Garden” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
Artist has been started painting natural scenery under the influence of post-impressionism, later he focused on expressive painting with symbolic significance and began to explore his own identity. It can be said that his relationship with art formed a special connection through constant exploration.
Cesc’s style is due to his special interests at the relationship between human and nature, and he found his tool in the brush-stoke of post-Impressionism and the story line of symbolism to express his inner thoughts. Cesc uses painting and sculpture to explore the boundary between dystopia and the pure dream world, and it is pretty easy for you to feel his passion for art in his works.
His latest solo exhibition “Eden Garden” is an open exploration of the paradigm of our social life -- Can our society be living in a dystopia?As Spanish Art Historian Mònica Marañón said, If we reverse the Darwinian approach, it may happen that what seems to be the apex of civilization is not designed for man, but for animals capable of developing more efficient behaviors than those of human beings.
Cesc Abad's work allows us to enter a kind of garden of Eden where each element lives in communion with its environment, and at the same time, makes us reflect on the dangers of technological advances that can mutate parts of an animal body, in a traffic light or a gun.
Perhaps we are facing an involution of the species, where the true outcasts of the planet will be the men and women who observe the desires of the animal species. Perhaps we are facing a new dystopia that allows us to reflect on our role in the world, as a satire of human behavior. Perhaps, Cesc Abad is inventing a world, to talk about ours.

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