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As this naive impression pop artist’s first debut in Shanghai,
Fanny brings 16 new paintings to this exhibition. The way she paints is spontaneously from a thought rather than pre- sketching. Fanny starts her paintings by drawing and doodling directly on the canvas, and turning it upright on stretcher bars or the wall. She expresses her inner thoughts in her paintings with delicate brushwork. The unpolished pencil strokes and oil painting marks all make viewers feel the true state when the artist creating.
Fanny never loses the curiosity and naivety inside, and her paintings also includes natural elements and little furry monster with infinite imagination. Her paintings become like this euphoric tapestry — an otherworldly, and magical place that artist dreams of being in and will make viewers unconsciously enter the unique dream space built by the artist and feel the innocence and happiness from the bottle of the hearts. In this way, this solo exhibition in Shanghai presents "Dream Hunter" theme, and welcomes everyone to experience the fun of dream hunting together.

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