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Xavi Carbonell's solo exhibition “Show Must Go On 2022” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
Influenced by abstract expressionism artists like Basquiat, Cy Twombly and Saura, as well as the sketched picture by children, Xavi has lead a game of color in his creation. The storm of mind and heart is presented in random and expressionistic colors, creating a variety of color expressions full of surprises.
Colors extend the limits in their respective fields. When colors interact with lines and shapes, the energy they convey becomes rustic and pure. The emotions of optimism, nature and happiness extend to everyone's inner world through the expressive force of color, convey a positive power fervently, which makes audiences’ hearts could not be clam for a long time.
Each image in the artwork tells its own story. In an abstract context, the viewer could create the development and thread of the story through their own understanding of the artworks. In the meantime, you could find the trace of realism from the artist's expression, but through the abstract expression technique, it seems that every fragment in the picture can be interpreted by the viewer as a different paragraph and given a different story.
The artist's words and narration have an irresistible power in the combination of colors, lines and figures, attracting everyone into the artistic universe created by Xavi.

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