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Keigo's solo exhibition “Nightlight Shadows” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.
Born in 1984, Japanese artist Keigo Nakamura's works are mostly in small size, complemented by vintage refurbished or handmade Baroque frames, and painted in the traditional technique of Sfumato, which applies multiple thin layers to create soft, imperceptible transitions between colors and tones. The size, framing and painting technique of his works all reflect the deeply classical influence, revealing a refined and elegant style.
At the same time, he changes the elements in the classic still life paintings to make innovations, trying to reflect the contemporary capitalist society and modern human’s mental landscape in an eye-catching way.
The artist has repeatedly stated in his autobiography the direct influence of the Western oil painting tradition on his practice. After applying more than ten layers of primer, he always uses the oil paint in the classical formula, and finally varnishes to increase the durability of his works. Although the entire painting process is time-consuming and laborious, Nakamura strives to find and explore the past.
In addition, the original meaning of the ornately decorated Baroque frames in art history is mostly "divine power" or "blessing". Nakamura wraps the image with a large-volume frame, giving the work a historical charm that does not exist in industrial products, and linking it with the content of the painting through its beautiful symbolic meaning, “blessing for life”
It is precisely this double linkage that brings viewers an unprecedented feeling of peaceful. Just like a warmth in cold winter, slowly falling into your heart. Welcome to Caelis Galeria to find feel the power of healing.

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