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Caelis Galería's new exhibition "Musing by the Riverbank 2", a group exhibition of Caelis Galería's represented artists, opened on November 5th, presenting the works of a total of 16 Caelis artists. As the river continues to flow, the poetry continues. We invite you to step into this unending river of philosophical thought once again.
This new group exhibition continues the philosophical discussion on "Time and Existence" in "Musing by the Riverbank", and complements the previous phase by presenting a more comprehensive view of the contemporary art thinking of Caelis artists. It is true that ever steps in the same river twice, time has passed and the past is gone; but just as a river does not stop flowing, it comes from the source, absorbs the drops along the way, and rushes into the ocean, so too do the artists' thoughts continue to incorporate new ones. At the same time, on the bedrock of the initial flow, eventually, the old and the new experiences of life will merge to become one, infusing their creations with sustained vitality.
Perhaps the charm of existence lies in the fact that time is as old as it is, but new as it is. Arol once delved into computer painting after his experience in visual design and printmaking, and then turned to oil painting on wood to interpret his surrealistic artistic ideas. The subtlety of design and the finesse of computers are now harmoniously blended in his dreamy pink punk theater. Debbie Reda also crosses multiple identities. From the abstract exploration of movement and time as a dancer to the colorful narration of children's stories with the eye-patch monster as a symbol, she made her self-questioning more and more clear.
After dropping his initial attempts at self-possession, Saúl Gil Corona insists on peeling back the shell of concealment, breaking through the viewer's psychological defenses with more intense color contrasts and spatial clashes, and speaking frankly about the primitive animalistic nature of human beings with more varied elements; While Sniqus leads the audience into a fantasy world under his gaze, from the sneaker craze in subculture, to common behaviors in daily life, then to the visual language of heirloom classics, constantly updating their perception; Xavi Carbonell's childlike graffiti reproduces the initial gesture of life, sometimes light, sometimes strong. He jumped out of the social norms again and again in the course of wilful waving. The vagaries seem to be the constancy in his world.
The sculpture of Vuitbits carries his thoughts on art combined with toys, both the powerful replication and expansion of digital information. They extended from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional reality, still constantly updating and evolving. Juan Miguel Palacios' creation is even more groundbreaking. Not being satisfied with the use of walls and other media to carry out the figurative study, the artist boldly tries to express the abstraction and abstraction of life, challenging the traditional way of expression. It is clear that time cannot dilute the artists' pursuit of change in their own existence.
In the midst of thousands of changes, there is also an unchanging eternity. The unchanging essence of those who have been preserved will, through the polishing of time, eventually blossom into a dazzling light that is unforgettable. The huge eye in August Vilella’s artworks always retains the magic of quiet solace, through time, until the audience's deepest heart, accompanying people through all kinds of ups and downs. Raising your eyes to see, the light of Adam Handler's colorful experiments with girls and ghosts seem endless, accompanied by the glow of a mysterious spaceship that travels through time and space, backed by his enduring love for his family.
Without the red background, Skolyshev's girl's smile is still the same. The frozen moments often make viewers smile, but underneath the lightness, the generalized color blocks and lines convey his playful attitude very powerfully. Turning to gaze at the bear in the corner surrounded by candlelight, viewers can always find the rhythm of breathing in Keigo Nakamura's painting. With a gentle and rational tone, he opens up an insight into the human heart, embracing the vulnerability and insecurity of viewers’ heart. Looking around the corner, @TKM.XOXO's childhood memories of dolls have been a part of her creative life. Through the fluidity of the images in her paintings, the artist has been able to experience multiple surprises in a parallel universe. Artists resist the impact of time with their own personalized symbolic language, responding to change.
Under the restriction of the theme of free exploration, Jacob Vilató will sit in a state of meditation under the control of the surge of consciousness under the brush, full of emotion in the coarse black strokes wandering, brewing in the moment before the climax of the coming. Jaime Sancorlo, based on his solid painting skills and flexible discernment, steadily displaces images from old photos and outputs flirtations with war with endless ingenuity, which is always applauded. The colors are highly saturated without losing the quiet atmosphere, which makes Britty EM's works embrace fun, nostalgia, and reflections on serious topics. Under the symbolic significance, there is always a faint healing meaning. They also show us the balance between constancy and change.
In this impermanent and infinite river of art and thought, We will not forget where we came from, nor are we afraid of the road ahead. Caelis Galería will continue to embrace the original heart, grow with the artists on top of the past experience, finding the answer of existence in time together.

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