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Aug 18 - Sept 14, 2022


Sniqus 斯尼库斯的个展「Synonyms 同义词」正在上海恪理画廊展出。

这位生活在西班牙的超现实主义艺术家Sniqus 斯尼库斯,为首次上海个展带来10幅全新画作。Sniqus的画布是一个充满色彩和线条的梦境,他肆意地展现着那些有意识或者无意识的思维,并将这些意识形态用超现实主义的手法进行可视化表达。艺术家创作的人物形象没有常规的模式,通常带有充满幻想的的色彩及如迷宫般蜿蜒的线条结构。在复杂的画面构造中,Sniqus想要传达的理念无限延伸,正如人的心灵那般。


Sniqus’s solo exhibition “Synonyms” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.

Sniqus, is a surrealist artist living in Spain, bringing his 10 new artworks to the first solo exhibition in Shanghai titled “Synonyms”. Sniqus’s canvas is a dreamland of color and curves where he digs deep into the visualization of the conscious and unconscious mind.The artist’s human figures are without conventional form- psychedelic, sinuous interior labyrinths that feel infinite in their complex construction-much like the human mind. 

Embedded in each of Sniqus paintings are deep patterns of meaning - symbols, multiple characters, involved narratives, but the storylines are not obvious. The mass of movement and vibration, the explosion of color, and extraordinary detail of these interior worlds are demanding on the viewer - one must look extremely close, moving slowly over the surface to begin to unwind the intermingled forms and their significance. The opaqueness of meaning is itself a message of the work - Sniqus believes in the subjectivity of a person's reality, and he wants the viewer to come to see his work from their own unique perspective, whatever that may mean.

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