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T-ART CON 2022


NOV 19 - 27, 2022

T-ART CON 2022

BOOTH 2-09 & 2-10

2022 T ART CON opens from today, and Caelis Galeria is in booth 2-09 and 2-10 to feature selected Caelis presented artists latest work. Our work here perfectly show what we observe for contemporary art and we want to leave happy moment through the colorful artworks here.

参展艺术家 Artists
Adam Handler 亚当·汉德勒
Arol 阿罗尔
Cesc Abad 塞斯克·阿巴德
Debbie Reda 黛比·瑞达
Esther Ziher 埃丝特·齐赫尔
Fanny Brodar 范妮·布洛达
@Gonhdo 刚铎
Jaime Sancorlo 杰米·桑格罗
Keigo Nakamura 中村圭吾
Nena Loaysa @TKM.XOXO 妮娜·洛艾萨
Skolyshev 斯克列谢夫
Xavi Carbonell 哈维·卡波内

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