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AUGUST VILELLA 「Unveiling the Eye」


SEP , 2023

AUGUST VILELLA 「Unveiling the Eye」


August Vilella's latest solo exhibition, "Unveiling the Eye," has grandly opened at La Pedrera - Casa Milà in Barcelona, showcasing the diverse subconscious universe revealed in his artworks.
Submerged in the canvas's darkness, unique characters and fantastic worlds break free, defying the established visual norms. August Vilella, influenced by the surrealistic legacy, delves into subconscious realms and imaginary worlds via his unique "intuitive surrealism" approach. This technique, which involves impromptu oil painting without any prior sketching, enables an intricate dialogue between the artist and his subconscious.
The exhibition's primary objective is to explore the subconscious universes manifested in Vilella's art, rather than drawing parallels with Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí's monumental works. Although Vilella, much like Dalí, traverses the subconscious labyrinth, his pathways veer away from Dalí's precision, steering towards freedom and fluidity.
The main goal of the exhibition is to portray the diverse subconscious universes unraveled in these artists' works. The surrealistic legacy is given new life by creating a dialogue, from the present day with Dalí's profound influence on Vilella's works and the surrealistic architecture of Antoni Gaudí's "La Pedrera" in the current context. "La Pedrera" will host a range of works by August Vilella, providing an optimal environment to immerse oneself in the depth and complexity of surrealism and its contemporary interpretations.

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