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May 16-July 15, 2023

Elang Sutajaya

在此次展览中,亦浪·苏他佳共带来十二幅全新画作。展览的主角是苏他佳艺术世界中经典的兔子飞行员形象,拟人化的艺术表现承载着一个又一个引人入胜的故事, 充满想象力的表达为画面注入了幸福的光环。此次,兔子飞行员降落到一个色彩明丽的城市,展开了一场平静治愈的旅程。艺术家在画作中亦体现了人生这场无尽的旅程,遇见的风景各不相同,但总有值得记录的瞬间。无论是一个人的旅程,还是与朋友、家人共同享受的时光,这些瞬间恰巧是让生命升生不息的源泉。
正如你于初见时就会被苏他佳画作中的眼睛所吸引,这种纯净无掩饰的表达,亦是苏他佳的典型艺术风格,使得他笔下刻画的兔子形象拥有了如同宫崎骏风格的艺术形象,他们充满快乐,拥有独特灵魂,构成了一种极具辨识度的主题形象,这种拟人化的表达为新世代开辟了另一种讲故事的艺术之路。在每一幅作品中,画作中的兔子形象都与周边产生了一种互动,他们在只充满香气的花丛中,在洒满阳光的海滩上,在迷人靓丽的海底世界,每一个故事都充满着超现实主义的浪漫与可爱, 为莅临现场的你提供着升生不息的治愈力量。

Elang Sutajaya brought 12 paintings for this exhibition. The main character of the exhibition is the classic rabbit pilot image in the art world of Sutajaya. The anthropomorphic artistic expression carries one fascinating stories after another, and the imaginative expression infuses the picture with the aura of happiness. This time, the rabbit pilot lands in a brightly colored city for a peaceful and healing journey. The artist also reflects the endless journey of life in his paintings. We may encounter different views along the journey, but there are always moments worth recording. Whether it's a journey alone or a moment shared with friends and family, these moments happen to be something that lift the spirit.

What we could see in Sutajaya’s artworks is a fusion. It inherits many traditions: pop art, hyperrealism, and above all, an age-old narrative tradition. This last one, which may at first glance seem far away given the stylistic rift, is worth due consideration. It seems that we could find our own shadow in his art world. The combination of elaborate pictures and framed scenes presents a real or illusory existence, guiding the audience step by step into this world and producing a kind of experience like being in it.
As you may attracted by the eyes in Sutajaya’s artwork even at the first sight, this pure expression is also typical style that you may only see in his artworks. In this way, Sutajaya’s rabbit characters seems to come from Miyazaki Hayao’s world, with unique soul and happiness, which constitutes a highly recognizable thematic image and opens an art of storytelling for generalists. In each painting, the rabbit has an interaction with the surrounding area. They are in the fragrant flowers, on the sunny beach, and in the charming and beautiful underwater world, and each story is full of surrealistic romance and loveliness, providing you with the power of “Lift the spirit”.

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