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June 23 - July 14, 2022

Ode to Joy


在本次展览中,埃斯特致敬了优雅的 Giorgio Morandi 和 Monet,采用了独特的方法,她在画布上使用丙烯酸,墨水、墨水喷雾、木炭。对她而言,绘画的乐趣不仅是结果,更是发展——过程中不断的发现,以及不知道结果如何的惊喜。这是放手和释放自己的艺术自由。

Esther Ziher's solo exhibition "Ode to Joy" is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.

Marking this emerging Dutch artist's debut in China, Artist wants to express joyfull colours and they all celebrate life, along with flowers, heart, dripcakes on their canvasses. Embrace yourself with warmth, joy, life,sun, energy, that's what our mental health needs in these crazy times.
In this show, Esther’s unique approach to elegant Giorgio Morandi and Monet, she works with acrylic on canvas, adding ink, ink spray, charcoal. The pleasure of painting for her is not only the end result, but the development - the continuous discovery during the process, and the surprises of not knowing what will be the outcome. It is the art of letting things go and freeing yourself.

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