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MAR 16 - APR 30, 2023



Jacob Vilató does not work with blank canvases, but rather builds a story layer by layer in which characters coexist who would never have met if not for his canvases. His life is just like his creation, as Pablo Picasso‘s grandnephew, Jacob’s figurative art style is also evolving and developing, and he discovers among the strokes and colors the characters who will finally live in them.Living in a constant struggle against prejudice,his obsessions are his most powerful source of inspiration. The same work is the result of several fused stories, behind which is artist's hours, days or months of intense creation. He starts a conversation with the world in his strong style and showed his work to the public for the first time at the end of 2019.

At the time of SPAIN TO YOU III opening, Caelis Galeria represented artist Jacob Vilató‘s artwork is also invited to attend this special event, as to celebrate 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Spain.

This art season continues to explore the art of Spanish architecture, and introduces Picasso's hometown Malaga as the inspiration, inspiring everyone to explore and discover colorful artistic elements, and to create and express with imagination. As Picasso's artistic blood, Jacob Villato is deeply influenced by his artistic attainments. Jacob's artwork " Homme Assis XXVII" brings a unique enjoyment of abstract art on the spot.

As artist's first appearance in China, he hopes to explore the diverse possibilities of the art communication between China and Spain. We believe that in the near future, Caelis Galeria will work with Jacob to bring more wonderful exhibitions.

\\La Suite Assise
The man in the Suite Assise is seated, immobile but present, conscious, serene and confident. He has the will to stop and reflect in order to stop the upcoming storm; everything happens in the universe of his head. He is gestating, with the greater focus, the ideas that will later guide his actions. It is a transcendent moment. It represents the apparent contradiction that is being still but running with thought.

The whole series is a fixed, unique and limited theme. From these limits comes the freedom to use the Assise Suite as a language rather than as a theme, which is something that was learnt in the creation of Meninas Feas. It is the exercise of systematically going deeper in order to achieve something new.

It is easy to distinguish two streams in the Assise Suite. The drawings are born on the more cerebral and rational side, they are more static, somewhat pessimistic and raw. From this first group emerges a second that is more lively, more cheerful and possibly shallower. The second could not exist without the first even though they are opposites. Again it is the expression of the contradiction that characterizes this series.

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