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Aug 18 - Sept 14, 2022

Adam Handler

Adam Handler亚当·汉德勒的个展「Parallel universe平行宇宙」正在上海恪理画廊展出。

这位来自纽约的原始主义艺术家Adam Handler亚当·汉德勒,为首次上海个展带来了14幅全新画作。Adam 也首次将自己创造的三个其标志性绘画元素:小精灵和亚裔女孩、UFO,融合在一幅画作中,以伪童真艺术形式刻画平行宇宙的概念。

Adam Handler亚当·汉德勒自小在祖父母的画框工厂长大,受艺术大师们的作品燃起了他对艺术的热情。他的艺术风格受到夏加尔、威廉·德·库宁、让·米歇尔·巴斯奎特及凯斯·哈林的影响,并逐渐在十几年的艺术创作中,形成自己独树一帜的艺术风格及语言。他先在意大利学习写生,后来毕业于帕切斯学院,并拿到了艺术史学位。他专注于自己的创作声音,旨在避免美术教育的束缚,保持“一个局外人,但一个知情的局外人”的感性。

他用糖果色的丙烯颜料和孩子气的线条感涂鸦,并结合油画棒、铅笔和马克笔进行自由创作, 引导天真、原始、自信能量的同时,让整个作品拥有丰富的细节纹理。他将生命的短暂笼罩在喜悦的旺盛之中,以面对自己对生命短暂的恐惧,最终寻求催化观众的情感反应。

Adam Handler's solo exhibition “Parallel universe” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai.

Adam Handler is a Kawaii Faux Naïf artist from New York, and brings 14 brand new paintings to this exhibition. And for the first time, he brings his three iconic topics together: UFO (Abductions), little ghost and the sweet Asian girls, as to creating a parallel universe in his own way.

Adam Handler discovered his artistic spark as a child in his grandparents’ New York framing factory. Surrounded with paintings by the likes of Chagall, de Kooning, Basquiat and Haring, he has developed his own style and language through long-term artistic creation. Adam focused his own creative voice by studying life drawing in Italy and earning a BA in art history, aiming to avoid the strictures of fine art education and retain the sensibility of “an outsider, but an informed outsider.”

Employing candy-colored acrylics and the childlike scrawl of oil stick, often using oil painting sticks, pencils and markers for creation, he strives to channel the raw, confident energy of innocence and makes the whole artwork be filled with rich details. he confronts his own trepidation about the transience of life by enveloping it in joyful exuberance, ultimately seeking to catalyze an emotional reaction in the viewer.

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