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Sept 15-Oct 12, 2022


Skolyshev 斯克列谢夫个展「红色女孩 Red Girl」正在上海恪理画廊展出,艺术家为此次个展带来18幅全新画作。
每个红色女孩都讲一个故事,每一个红色女孩都是独一无二的,他们从不互相重复。他们始终保持着统一和愉快的微笑,黑色的头发和白色的手套。你可能想知道他们代表谁; 她们不仅仅是一种艺术的形象,更是艺术家情感的体现,表现了少女纯真的美好品质和人类原始的欲望,为现实主义世界提供了一种讽刺的幽默感。

Skolyshev's solo exhibition “Red Girl” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai with brand new 18 artworks.
Skolyshev’s style is unique and captivating – through adopting simple and neat lines to portray his “Red Girl” which are subtly embedded with different kinds of emotions, the artist hopes to create a strong and refreshing impression for his audiences.
Speaking of “red”, the colour is always referred to sign of danger, fear and anger. However, asinterpreted by Skolyshev, red is simply beautiful and full of light. The theme of “Red Girl” takeson this interpretation and hence brings a totally remarkable experience and hopeful feelings.
It may be strange to find pencil marks on Skolyshev’s paintings, but Skolyshev explains that these are traces of his initial sketches to be intentionally kept in the final works, which are regarded by him as important components of an art piece.   Although the subject of Skolyshev's works always bears smiling face, it does not feel monotonous and boring at all.   Skolyshev's dedication to his style shines through his works;   they are simple in form, harmonious in colour, full of cartoonish details and artistic rhythms.  These form a particularly unique visual language of the artist and imbue the composition with his vigorous emotions.
Each “Red Girl” speaks a story.  Each of them is unique.  They never repeat with each other.  They are consistently applied with a uniform and cheerful smile, long, straight and black hair and white gloves.  You may wonder who they represent;  more than aesthetic subjects, they are embodiments of the emotions of the artist, expressing the pure beauty, boldness, sincerity of young girls, as well as the primitive desires of human beings, which provides a sense of satirical humour in the world of realism.


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