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截屏2023-05-13 11.54.38.png



Mar 16-April 18, 2023



Delicate brushstrokes, mild colors and dull tones constitute the artist's visual language, which is interpreted as a small theater in the frame with different scene settings. When we focused on the artworks, we could see the characters to stay alone on the stage he created in the silent and restless tone. Arol uses the texture of oil painting to subtly integrate the experience of computer graphics from earlier years into his current creations, allowing overlay of layers, which formes a unique space in the artwork. The visual clues of sharpness and roundness also run through artist’s major practice in various periods. However, along with the artist’s shift to the integrated use of landscape, human and objects, the mood of his works has also moved away from the subtle expressions implied by the individual, turning to intensify the dual stage of sweetness and destruction constituted by the gravitational force of multiple elements.

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