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Her Universe


Mar 16-May 15, 2023


Britty EM

Debbie Reda

Esther Ziher

Fanny Broder 

Taly Cohen 


恪理画廊荣幸即将呈现画廊首个女性艺术家群展 「万物有她 Her Universe」。Caelis在拉丁语中意味着「来自宇宙」,在这里,我们希望用全球化的视角让不同的艺术形式相互碰撞、交流,并希望孕育出更多闪耀的新星。恪理画廊首个女性艺术家群展亦延续了这份期许,以「万物有她Her Universe」为名,将艺术的场域完全交给冉冉升起的女性艺术家新星来表达,希望通过呈现来自不同国家的六位女性艺术家的作品,直白地聚焦在女性视角对于超现实主义艺术的自在表达与观察体悟。

Caelis Galeria is pleased to present the female artist group show"Her Universe" from March 16th to April 30th. Caelis in Caelis Galeria means "from the universe" in Latin. Here, we hope to offer a broad space for different art forms to exchange and integrate with a global perspective, and introduce some of the new stars that will shiningly blaze in the art universe in the future years.Following this concept, our first group exhibition of female artists uses the title”Her universe”, which leaves an entirely art space for the uprising female artists to express themselves. We hope to focus directly on the self-expression and observation of surrealist art from a female perspective, by presenting the artworks of six female artists from different countries.
The whole space is full of rich mixture of colors, and behind each artworks is the unique expression from artists. The diversity of subjects and painting techniques constitute the panorama of the exhibition "Her Universe". Entering her universe, perhaps you could also find yourself in it.

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