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Aug 18-Sept 14, 2022-2023

Xavi Carbonell

当每个人回归到生命的初始视角,一切变得新鲜且美好,生命的精彩也会一直传递下去。也正因如此,哈维的每幅作品均以show must go on为名,希望将这样的理念分享给正在观赏作品的每一位,亦方便观者创造属于自己的故事。

Xavi Carbonell's solo exhibition “Show Must Go On 2022” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai. As an Oneiric Expressionism artist, you may find the essence of innocence and the creativity from the bottom of the hearts in Xavi’s artworks. Returning to child-like hand drawing way, Xavi gradually finds his own unique expression in art. 
The seemingly random combination of lines, colors and shapes in the artwork is full of vigorous growth and continuous centripetal force, which forms an invisible attraction and triggers the viewer to enter the artistic universe created by the artist. Xavi created a world where everyone is able to be an undefined child, and free to use their imagination and shape their own art world.
And when everyone returns to the initial perspective of life, everything will become fresh and beautiful, so that the wonderful life will be passed on forever. For this reason, each of Xavi's works is named after "show must go on", hoping to share this idea with everyone who enjoys his works. Meanwhile, it is also convenient for viewers to create their own stories.
Xavi's works are also infused with the pure emotion of the heart, which could build a no-limit connection with audience. In the abstract expression, the artist interprets different forms of colors, lines and small figures freely, which makes them form their own narrative, as if the story is happening in every corner of the canvas, and you may feel that they want to come out of the picture to have a dialogue with you.

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