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Aug 15-Sept 28, 2023

Fanny Brodar

恪理画廊 (Caelis Galería) 荣幸地宣布,挪威艺术家范妮·布洛达 (Fanny Brodar) 即将举办备受期待的个展《夏日狂欢节》 (Summer Carnival)。此次展览将邀请艺术爱好者们 踏上范妮的奇异卡通世界之旅,感受夏日狂欢节的生动氛围。范妮的作品融合了她标志性的抽象表 现主义和新流行音乐的影响,捕捉了童年纯真的本质,交织着对美、祝福和爱的深刻反思。

展览的核心是范妮最喜爱的卡通人物与夏日狂欢节的迷人融合。每幅作品都让观众沉浸在明亮的糖果色万花筒中,为空间注入感染力。范妮娴熟地运用混合媒介技术,主要使用丙烯酸和油画棒,创造出丰富的纹理和动态构图,为她俏皮的主⻆注入生命力。通过她的艺术造诣,她将童年怀旧的熟 悉感与对人类经历复杂性的探索完美地融合在一起。范妮的独特⻛格汲取了众多灵感,包含童年时代的纯洁和简单、她最喜爱的书籍的魅力、流行文化 的诱惑以及色彩的深刻心理。通过融合这些影响,范妮在其作品中实现了当代美学与永恒情感共鸣 之间的和谐平衡。《夏日狂欢节》展示了范妮唤起一系列情感的非凡能力,邀请观众拥抱自己的想 象力并探索独特的叙事。

狂欢节在范妮的艺术探索中成为一个有力的隐喻。植根于化妆舞会的传统,狂欢节为社会评论和权 力批判提供了一个平台,通常借鉴⺠间传说和标志性人物。在这种背景下,服装具有象征意义,而非字面意义,而参加狂欢节的人们则参与到“化妆舞会”的行为中,将自己的理解和经验融入到表演 中。范妮引用了这一传统,并邀请观众探索他们自己的叙事和感知。

《夏日狂欢节》超越了表面的娱乐性,深入探讨了儿童与电视媒体之间关系的深层主题。范妮在开 始艺术创作之初并未有意识地考虑儿童心理问题,然而在完成一件作品后,她被作品中人物的互动 和表情所打动,她发现⻆色之间的互动和面部表情代表了他们对周围世界的理解。范妮从自己童年 的记忆和荧幕⻆色中汲取灵感,她认为电视带给她的庇护感体现在潜意识中,并在画布上得以表 达。




Norwegian Artist Fanny Brodar Presents "Summer Carnival": A Vibrant Exploration of Childhood Nostalgia and the Power of Imagination

Caelis Galería is proud to announce the highly anticipated solo exhibition "Summer Carnival" by renowned Norwegian artist Fanny Brodar. This captivating showcase invites art enthusiasts and collectors to embark on a journey through Fanny's whimsical world of cartoon characters set amidst a vivid summer carnival atmosphere. With her signature blend of abstract expressionism and neo-pop influences, Fanny's works capture the essence of childhood innocence and joy, interwoven with profound reflections on beauty, blessing, and love.

The heart of the exhibition is a fusion of Fanny's beloved cartoon characters and the energy of a summer carnival. Each artwork immerses viewers in a kaleidoscope of bright, candy-colored hues, infusing the space with a contagious sense of liveliness. Fanny skillfully employs mixed media techniques, primarily utilizing acrylics and oil sticks, to create rich textures and dynamic compositions that breathe life into her playful protagonists. Through her artistic mastery, she seamlessly melds the familiarity of childhood nostalgia with an exploration of the complexities of the human experience.

Fanny's distinctive style draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, including abstract expressionism and neo-pop art. She embraces the purity and simplicity of her own childhood, the enchantment of her favorite books, the allure of pop culture, and the profound psychology of color. By blending these influences, Fanny achieves a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and a timeless emotional resonance in her work. "Summer Carnival" showcases Fanny's remarkable ability to evoke a range of emotions, transporting viewers to a realm where imagination reigns supreme.

The carnival metaphor serves as a powerful foundation for Fanny's artistic exploration. Rooted in the traditions of masquerade, carnival offers a platform for social commentary and critique of power, often drawing upon folklore and iconic characters. In this context, costumes take on symbolic significance rather than a literal representation, while carnival-goers engage in the act of "playing masquerade," infusing their own interpretations and experiences into the performance. Through her evocative artwork, Fanny embraces this tradition and invites viewers to explore their own narratives and perceptions.

"Summer Carnival" transcends surface-level amusement and delves into deeper themes related to the relationship between children and the medium of television. Fanny initially embarked on her artistic journey without consciously considering child psychology. However, upon completing one of her works, she was struck by the interactions of her characters and the expressions adorning their faces. It was in this revelatory moment that Fanny realized her art was a reflection of these childlike characters' understanding of the world around them. Drawing upon memories and characters from her own childhood, Fanny believes that her refuge in television manifested itself in her subconscious and found expression on the canvas.

Through "Summer Carnival," Fanny Brodar presents an exhibition that not only delights the senses but also prompts introspection and contemplation. Her meticulously crafted compositions evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia, inviting viewers to rediscover the magic of their own childhoods and embrace the boundless power of imagination. Caelis Galería is thrilled to host this extraordinary showcase, and welcomes art enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs of fine art to experience the joy and enchantment of Fanny's "Summer Carnival" exhibition.

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