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Nov 24-Dec 15, 2022

Debbie Reda

黛比·瑞达Debbie Reda的个展「侏罗纪好朋友 Jurassic Friends」正在上海恪理画廊展出。艺术家从生活本身出发,创作出了小怪兽系列作品,并为其注入幽默和讽刺,反映了日常生活中的不同情绪和环境。来自外太空的小怪兽从地球诞生之日就生活在这里,经历了岁月变迁却依然保留干净纯洁的心灵。快乐和积极的心态是他们面对生活的态度,对凡事都能一笑而过的幽默感是他们的性格标签。来到地球探险的小怪兽们爱上了自然和人类。并且由于对人类产生了迷恋,这些怪物开始融入人类生活的方方面面,并以人类的方式生活。他们带着孩童般的好奇和天真发现世界,并将快乐传播到每一个角落。
在全新个展中,Debbie此番中国个展首次创作了她称之为“多重”的非常艺术品,这些作品共同探讨了友情和感情的话题。个性迥异的小怪兽们集结到一个场景中,并通过表情刻画赋予形象不同的情绪表达。甜蜜与酸涩,苦涩与冷漠,细微的变动中彰显着情绪的张力。每一件大型作品的背后都是艺术家耗费超过一个月时间的创作精华,每年艺术家仅出品5幅类似画作 。大画幅作品并结合侏罗纪时代的生存背景,让观者迅速进入了想象力的时空隧道,跟随艺术家一起回到了那个原始的纯真年代。

Debbie Reda's solo exhibition “Jurassic Friends” is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai. Artist  create her Monster Collection from daily life, and the monster collection reflect with humor and irony, different moods and circumstances of everyday life.The little monsters come from outer space and have been live on earth since the born of the earth and they still remain the clean and pure hearts though all these years.  They adopted only a happy and positive mindset, punctuated with a great sense of humor. The monsters who came to Earth on an expedition fell in love with nature and humans. Having developed a fascination with humans, the monsters begin soaking in all aspects of human life and living as humans. Through play, they discover the world with child-like wonder and innocence, spreading happiness everywhere.
Worth mentioning is that Debbie has created some works that she calls "multiple", for the first time in this solo exhibition in China and these artworks discuss the topic about friendship and relationship. The little monsters with different personalities are gathered into a scene, and different emotions are expressed through the expressions. Sweet and sour, bitter and indifferent, you may feel the  subtle changes revealing emotional tension. Behind each large work is the essence of the artist's creation which has spent over one month, and She will only paint 5 of this kind per year. The combination of large size artworks and the Jurassic era makes the viewer quickly enter the time tunnel of imagination, which allows them to go back to the primitive age of innocence with artist. 

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