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Keigo Nakamura KEIGO NAKAMURA (Contemporary Artist / Minimalism) An artist born with a minimalist lifestyle, featuring small-scale works. With mature oil painting techniques influenced by 17th century French Baroque, we are pursuing values ​​that are being lost in a fast modern society. In recent years, his works have continued to focus on overseas art fairs.

"Expressing the Inner World with Painting"
The composition of the picture centered on the light and shadow of the candle is inspired by the candlelight religious paintings painted by the 17th-century French painter "George de la Tour". The painter of the 17th century "Shardan" and the painter of the 20th century "Molandy" proposed the possibility of expressing spirituality through still life, but they did so in a completely different and unique way.
Likewise, my way of expressing is my own way.
The technique of arranging toys for indirect expression was inspired by "Sandplay Therapy" devised by the 20th century Swiss Jungian psychologist "Dora Calf". It is used as a means to symbolically express the inner world and complex concepts that are difficult to express in words.
"My goal is to express the inner world, filling every element of the painting with a unique philosophy."

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