June 23 - July 14, 2022

Caelis Collective Exhibitions


恪理画廊(Caelis Galeria)推出最新群展"Alpha 阿尔法", 汇集了恪理最新代理的当代艺术家的全新作品,包括Debbie, Reda, Niall Campbell Strachan, Ceci Martin, Gonhdo, Jaime Sancorlo, Fanny Brodar, Javier Gonzalez Burgos, Alebert Madaula, Adam Handler, Taly Cohen, Skolyshev, Saul Corona, Lee Salvador. 


“Alpha”, Collective Art Exhibition is currently on view at Caelis Galeria Shanghai. 

A constellation is a group of stars gathered under a common name that identifies them. CAELIS Constellation is an expanding constellation which’s stars are growing in number, size and brightness.

ALPHA CAELIS is the name of our first art collective exhibition to introduce some of the new stars that will shiningly blaze in the art Universe in the future years.